The Peugeot Alert Zone database now contains alerts for danger zones in France for compatible systems. They comply with new French legislation. For more information, click here.

By ensuring you have the most recently updated GPS maps on your Peugeot’s in-car GPS navigation system you can drive with confidence knowing that the ‘shortest route’ or the ‘quickest route’ functions are as reliable as possible. Updated GPS maps provide accurate details such as new roads, closest petrol station, nearest hospital, restaurants, etc.

Furthermore, the coverage of the premium Info Traffic service is increasing each year. New city centers, new roads are covered. To benefit of this Info Traffic improvement, you just need to update your map (which enclosed updated RDS-TMC locators). Hence to get the best Info Traffic service, it is recommended to update the map with the latest available release.

The Peugeot Alert Zones are updated even more frequently (once a month). you can subscribe to a monthly update to be sure to have the most accurate information.

Get to where you need to be on time, get the latest navigation system updates for your Peugeot.

(1) Price for Europe Maps 2013/2014 edition WIP Com (RT3, RT4/5), WIP Nav (RNEG), WIP Nav+ (RT6), Touchscreen (SMEG): 149€. Price for Europe Maps WIP Com 3D (NG4) and Mitsubishi Multi-Communication System (MMCS): 199€.