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WIP Nav Peugeot Alert Zone 12 Month Subscription

Part number E4702012007001


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This is a download product. This means that no product will be sent to your postal address. Once you have entered your vehicle information in your account, you will find a download link in your order history.

Peugeot's Alert Zone database is updated each month: this subscription entitles you to 12 downloads during the period of one year. You receive an email informing you of the availability of each new update.

In accordance with local legislation, the Peugeot Alert Zone database contains information on high-risk zones in the following countries:
- Alert for danger zones: France
- Alert for traffic lights with radar cameras, radar speed traps: Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Andorra.



Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Portugal.

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