Frequently Asked Questions

Map Updates

  1. I know where I am going. Why do I need a navigation system ?
    GPS navigation helps you find the most efficient routes to your destinations, saving you time, fuel and money. Your Peugeot navigation system gives you more than just directions from A to B, it helps you to find the things you need, the nearest car park, hotel, petrol station or restaurant. With the added benefits of traffic information, it will also offer an alternative route when your usual route is congested. And for peace of mind, it can pinpoint your exact location should you need roadside assistance.
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  2. What are the advantages of Peugeot in-dash navigation system ?
    The Peugeot navigation system is designed to meet safety regulations and automotive specifications. The unit links into the vehicle electronics – such as the speed sensor and gyro sensor – to provide dead reckoning when the GPS signal is lost thus keeping you on track. The screen size and quality is optimized for viewing and is also ergonomically positioned on the dashboard to ensure minimal driver distraction. Combined with all other multimedia functions, in-dash navigation enables a more comfortable driving experience.
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  3. What are the benefits of navigation ?
    Studies have shown that vehicles with navigation systems use 12% less fuel than those without, saving you €425 annually. By taking more efficient routes, drivers with up-to-date navigation systems reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 21%*
    *HERE Navigation Benefits Study (2009)
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  4. Who provides the map data ?
    Peugeot uses HERE as their provider. The HERE map is built on the roads of the world by over 2,000 geographic analysts and produces a map that the world turns to 100 million times each day. You can see the whole range of Peugeot products created in partnership with HERE on the Peugeot website.
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  5. Why do I need to buy a new map update?
    Updating your navigation map re-energizes your Peugeot navigation system. Updated maps help your navigation system find the most efficient routes, saving time, money and fuel.
    The world around us is constantly changing, but with regular map updates, you can trust your navigation system to keep you on track. Peugeot’s map provider HERE builds the data on the roads of the world to reflect the real world conditions. Geographic analysts drive millions of miles a year to make sure everything is up to date. With the latest Peugeot map you can obtain the best route, a reliable detour, the closest petrol station, the nearest hospital… whatever you need to travel confidently to your destination. You won’t have to worry about getting lost or stopping for directions. Furthermore the coverage of the premium Info Traffic service is increasing each year. New city centers, new roads are covered. To benefit of this info traffic improvements, you just need to update your map. Hence to get the best info traffic service, it is recommanded to update the map at least every 2 years.
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  6. How often are new map updates or map products released?
    Updated maps are generally available once a year. To be informed when a new map product becomes available for your navigation system, ask your nearest dealer.
    Check for your nearest dealer at (Select country Network). You can also view our offers for map updates on the Peugeot HERE website, or submit a request using the Contact Us form.
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  7. The map / navigation system that I purchased does not contain a road that I know exists and I am certain I have the most recent map update available. What can I do?
    Map Creator is an exclusive, easy way to inform Peugeot’s map supplier HERE about changes on the roads you drive and the POI’s you are interested in. Millions of people everywhere help keep HERE’s maps fresh in by this method. With its user-friendly Web interface, you can pinpoint the exact location where a map change may be needed. Simply visit HERE Map Creator, point, click and report changes.
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  8. My navigation system does not always display what I know is the shortest/fastest route?
    We all know shortcuts within our local areas that we use to avoid rush hour traffic or poorly timed traffic lights. Navigation systems calculate routes using the detailed information within the map database and take into account various circumstances including actual distance, average speed, road classification, turn restrictions and more. Your system allows you to set personal preferences such as using motorways, toll roads, and calculating the shortest route. Refer to your owner’s manual for further technical details.
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  9. Why can´t I find my destination address?
    There are many different ways to find your location. You can enter an address, find a specific address in the detailed list of Points of Interest (POIs), or select a destination directly on the map. Refer to your owner’s manual for further technical details.
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  10. I want to travel in Europe, what is the map coverage of Peugeot’s navigation system?
    The European product includes:
    Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canary Islands , Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldavia, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican State.
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  11. Who are HERE and where can I access more information on them?
    HERE is Peugeot’s digital map provider and is the world leader in premium-quality map data and content. HERE maps drive most of the in-car navigation systems made in both Europe and North America. To find out more, visit the HERE website.
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  12. What is the purpose of the DRM key that is used for certain map updates?
    The DRM (Digital Rights Management) key associated with a map product is an unlock code that allows implementation of the update subject to the user having purchased the map in an authorised manner. To obtain the code, the user must link his vehicle (identified by the VIN number) to the 16 character serial number for the map information. Once this link has been created in your account, you will receive an unlock code. This is the code that is requested by the system during the update procedure.
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  13. Which Peugeot GPS systems are likely to request a DRM unlock code?
    The following systems are likely to be protected by an active DRM code: WIP nav plus, Ecran tactile 208. This becomes obvious at the time of updating if the system requests a code during the update procedure.
    Furthermore, you should note that the WIP nav system does not actually support DRM coding. However, the SD card is protected in the sense that it can only be read if it is an original version that has been purchased by the customer.
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  14. What is the procedure for unlocking a vehicle map update that is protected by DRM?
    The update procedure makes it necessary to create an account and link the vehicle (identified by the unique VIN number shown on the registration document) to the map update serial number (the 16 digit PSN code printed on the map update packaging).
    A detailed step-by-step description of the procedure can be found on the following page: Activation Instructions.
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Peugeot Alert Zone

  1. How often are Peugeot Alert Zone released and can I be informed when it is?
    A new version of the Peugeot Alert Zone Database will be released on a monthly basis. To be informed when the latest version is available for download, complete your details in the Contact Us page. When updating regularly this database, you can get more accurate alerts and drive then more safely.
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  2. What are the alerts notification available ?
    In France, in accordance with the legislation in force, warnings are emitted when entering a hazardous area. The visual notification for a hazardous area takes the form of specific icon showing a triangle.
    In other European countries that are covered by Peugeot Alert Zone and where speed camera alerts are authorised, the database indicates the location of the fixed speed cameras and the traffic light cameras. In this case, the visual notification takes the form of either an icon displaying the authorised speed limit or a traffic light.
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  3. What are the countries with Peugeot Alert Zone content ?
    The Peugeot Alert Zone database contains all the relevant alerts for 15 European countries:
    Danger zones: France
    Radar alerts: Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Andorra.
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  4. For which vehicles the service Peugeot Alert Zone is available ?
    The service is available for the vehicle equipped with one of the following Peugeot GPS navigation systems :
    - Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP Com RT4/5
    - Peugeot Connect Navigation / WIP nav,
    - Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP Com 3D,
    - Peugeot Connect Navigation plus / WIP nav plus
    - Touchscreen 7" / SMEG+
    This service is not available for 4007 and for vehicles fitted with a monochrome GPS navigation system, RT2 or RT3 systems.
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  5. Why do you ask for the software version number of my navigation system?
    To install the Peugeot Alert Zone data available by download onto your navigation system, your Peugeot needs to be fitted with an RT4 or Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP com version 8.1 system or higher, a Peugeot Connect Navigation /WIP nav or a Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP com 3D system, or Peugeot Connect Navigation plus /WIP nav plus.
    This service is not compatible with earlier versions of the software versions used by RT4 or Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP com

    If you have an RT4 version 7.0 or 7.1 , or a Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP com version 8.0, please contact your local Peugeot dealership to see if a software update is available

    To check the software version of an RT4 or a Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP com :
    - Hold down the MENU button on the system
    - Select "Audio/telephone diagnostics", then "Device description"
    The software version used by your navigation system is listed in the "Unit software version" line.
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  6. How do I import Peugeot Alert Zone to my navigation system?
    After ordering the Peugeot Risk Areas data, download the ZIP file directly to your computer (either Mac or PC). After updating the storage medium, it shall be inserted into the navigation device. All steps of installation are explained in the installation guides available on the internet site.
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  7. Which data storage media are compatible with my navigation system?
    On Peugeot Connect Navigation /WIP nav , you will need to copy the data onto the SD High Capacity (HC) map card provided with the system. You cannot use any other SD card. You will need to use an SD High Capacity card reader to copy data onto the SD HC card.
    On Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP com or an RT4 system, you will need to burn the data onto a compatible CD-ROM. Inserting the CD-ROM into the navigation system will automatically trigger the installation of the Peugeot Alert Zone data onto the system's hard drive.
    NB: on vehicles fitted with Peugeot Connect Media Navigation / WIP com and a USB port linked to the navigation system, it is possible to copy Peugeot Alert Zone data onto a compatible USB key and insert the USB key in the suitable socket to transfer data onto the system hard drive.
    On Peugeot Connect Media Navigation /WIP com 3D, you can either use a USB key, a standard SD card or a high capacity (HC) SD card.
    On Peugeot Connect Navigation plus /WIP nav plus , you need to use a USB key.
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  8. What is an SD HC card?
    An SD HC card is a high capacity memory card which is capable of holding all the map data for the whole of Europe. To be able to copy the Peugeot Alert Zone data files from a PC onto an SD HC card, you will need to use an SD HC card reader. SD HC card readers are available which can be connected to a PC through a USB port.
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  9. Is the Peugeot Alert Zone data kept up to date?
    In order to ensure that you have access to the most recent and most useful information, the Peugeot Alert Zone data available on the website is updated once a month (normally between the 10th and the 15th of the month). As a result, if you download this information regularly or if you have taken out a subscription, you will be informed of the latest Peugeot alert zones that have been detected in the European road network (in the countries covered by the service).
    In the case of Peugeot Connect Navigation/WIP nav and Peugeot Connect Media Navigation/WIP com 3D systems, it is possible to display the version number for the Peugeot Alert Zone file. To do so, you simply press and hold the « SETUP » button and select the following options:
    Description of the unit > Map version. Now you can verify the file name, which starts with the letters ZAR.
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  10. Is the data compatible with the mapping version on my navigation system?
    The Peugeot Alert Zone data available on the website is compatible with all map versions used on RT4, Peugeot Connect Media Navigation/ WIP Com, Peugeot Connect Com, Peugeot Connect Media Navigation 3D / WIP com 3D navigation systems. However, in order to make the most of optimised navigation, we recommend that you regularly update your navigation system map.
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  11. Why am I getting an alert for a speed camera on the other side of the road?
    Sometimes on busy roads, your navigation will not be able to distinguish between different sides of the road where an automatic roadside speed camera is located. An automatic roadside speed camera on the other side of the road may therefore appear on your route.
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  12. Can I buy Peugeot Alert Zone data if I do not own a Peugeot?
    No. The Peugeot Alert Zone data available on the website is exclusively compatible with certain Peugeot onboard GPS navigation systems.
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  13. What should I do if I sell my vehicle?
    You should inform the new owner that the navigation system holds Peugeot Alert Zone.
    To update this data, the new owner will need to create their own personal account, then order and download the update from the website. He will not have access to your order history or to the last data file that you downloaded.
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  14. Why do I need Adobe Acrobat Reader?
    You will need Adobe Reader software to be able to read and print out the User Guide for your navigation system. You can download this software for free at
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  15. How are customers with a Peugeot Alert Zone subscription informed when a new file is available?
    When a new Peugeot Alert Zone file is made available in the on-line shop, customers who have taken out a subscription automatically receive an email informing them that the new file is now available. The new file is generally made available between 10th and 20th of the month.
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  16. How can I perform a new download of the Peugeot Alert Zone databases that I have already purchased? (Valid as a bulk download after a single purchase or purchase of a subscription.)
    1) Go to
    2) Click Identification
    3) Enter your username and password and click « Log in ». You are redirected to the « My Account » page
    4) Next, click « Display my orders »
    5) Click the order number associated with your Peugeot Alert Zone purchase. The order details are displayed
    6) Next, you can:
    a. Download your Peugeot Alert Zone files free of charge using the « Download Wizard (recommended) » or via « Immediate download (for experienced users) »
    b. Download the « Installation instructions » as a PDF file.
    NB: If your Internet connection is protected by a firewall or is routed through a proxy, the installation wizard may not operate correctly. In that case, you must install the files manually (« Immediate download (for experienced users) », see the installation instructions).
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Account registration and billing

  1. How can I buy Peugeot Alert Zone or map data ?
    To buy Peugeot Alert Zone or map data, first select your car configuration on the home page, place your order , then check out your basket by entering your personal information, finally pay online. You will be guided step-by-step throughout the order and payment process.
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  2. How can I pay?
    Payments are made online:
    - either by credit card: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express
    - or by entering a single-use private promotional code.
    - or by Paypal
    Cards are debited at the time of order.
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  3. Is the online payment secure?
    Your safety and security is our priority. This is why we provide highly secure online payment.
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  4. Are my card details saved?
    For reasons of security and confidentiality, we do not save your credit card information. We will only ask you to choose your method of payment and, if necessary, give us your bank details, each time you want to buy a product online.
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  5. Why do I need to give you my e-mail address?
    Your e-mail address will be used to confirm you about online purchasing and the download of Peugeot Alert Zone data.
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  6. How can I update the personal details I provided at the time of registration?
    All you need to do is log-in to your personal area (login to your account) and click on "Update my personal data". You will then be able to change your address, password or other details.
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  7. What is the vehicle identification number (VIN) and where can I find it?
    The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique number that identifies your vehicle: it is allocated at the constructor's factory.
    The VIN will be listed on your vehicle registration documents in section (E): it consists of 17 alphanumeric characters starting with VF3.
    Note: the vehicle identification number is also displayed on various locations, including the V5C registration document, in the vehicle handbook and on the windscreen. See examples here.
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  8. How could I contact the Customer Service ?
    International Toll Free: 00 800 18 23 53 22
    Toll Free in Germany: 0800 181 6065
    Toll Free in France: 0800 914 478
    Toll for Italy: 800 781 145
    Phone: +31 555384245
    Fax Number: +31 555 433 947
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New French law for speedtraps

  1. What legislation applies to speed trap warning systems in France?
    As of 5 January 2012, the French highway code prohibits the use and ownership of speed trap warning systems in France. Speed Trap databases, which contain the exact locations of speed traps in France (prior to January 2012) will therefore become illegal. Whereas, Peugeot Alert Zone with dangerous areas covering France is compliant with the French highway code.
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  2. What are the certificates of compliance that are delivered by Peugeot?
    Peugeot is not delivering any certificate . The certificate of compliancy is not mandatory by the French law.
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  3. How are the dangerous areas defined?
    Only the start point of the zone is displayed (technical constrain). Dangerous areas have predefined lengths : 300m in cities, 2km on roads outside cities, 4km on highways. Be carefull as soon as you pass along the POI of dangerous area start (displayed by a panel with a “!” inside a triangle).
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  4. Are all radar cameras included in the danger zones?
    Yes, automatic radar cameras are installed at locations proposed by the regional police forces in accordance with precise criteria. A radar camera is installed on a priority basis in an area where accidents are mainly caused by excessive speed. They are therefore installed in dangerous areas where road users must exercise greater than normal vigilance.
    Source: Sécurité Routière
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  5. Why do the Wip Com 3D/Connect Com 3D and Wip Nav/Connect Nav systems not warn you of the legal speed limit when entering a Danger Zone?
    In countries where radar alerts are permitted, the Wip Com 3D/Connect Com 3D and Wip Nav/Connect Nav systems do warn you of the legal speed limit at the exact location of a radar camera. The danger zones may however include several sections where different legal speed limits apply; it is therefore not possible to display a constant legal speed limit that applies for the entire zone. As a result, the Wip Com 3D/Connect Com 3D and Wip Nav/Connect Nav do not display any speed indication in the danger zones.
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  6. Why is the information with the "!" erased while the driver is inside the dangerous area?
    The choice that Peugeot has made is to help the driver to get ahead of potential risks and then adapt their driving behaviour. The driver is informed when getting close to a dangerous area. A visual and acoustic pre-alert are generated 600m before the zone, then 350m before. Once the car has entered the dangerous area zone, the information on the screen with “!” disappears. This behaviour, which differs from other systems on the market, requires to be understood and learnt to drive carefully during the whole time within the dangerous area (at minimum 300m in cities).
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  7. How are the dangerous localised points managed?
    Peugeot and its partners provide you with traffic information with precise information concerning hazards on your road. For more information please check out you owner manual.
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