Frequently Asked Questions

Map Updates

  1. I know where I am going. Why do I need a navigation system?
    GPS navigation helps you find the most efficient routes to your destinations, saving you time, fuel and money. Your Peugeot navigation system gives you more than just directions from A to B, it helps you to find the things you need, the nearest car park, hotel, gas or restaurant. With the added benefits of traffic information, it will also offer an alternative route when your usual route is congested. And for peace of mind, it can pinpoint your exact location should you need roadside assistance. 

  2. What are the benefits of navigation?
    Studies have shown that vehicles with navigation systems use 12% less fuel than those without, saving you time and money. By taking more efficient routes, drivers with up-to-date navigation systems reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 21%*.
    *HERE Navigation Benefits Study (2009)

  3. Who provides the map data?
    HERE Maps is the provider of the raw map data, as they are the world leader in premium- quality digital map data and content. HERE maps are built on the roads of the world by over 2,000 geographic analysts and produces a map that the world turns to 100 million times each day. To find out more, visit their website

  4. Why do I need to buy a new map update?
    Updating your navigation map re-energizes your Peugeot navigation system. Updated maps help your navigation system find the most efficient routes, saving time, money and fuel. The world around us is constantly changing, but with regular map updates, you can trust your navigation system to keep you on track. HERE Maps helps build the data on the roads of the world to reflect the real world conditions. Geographic analysts drive millions of miles a year to make sure everything is up to date. With the latest Peugeot map you can obtain the best route, a reliable detour, the gas station, the nearest hospital or whatever you need to travel confidently to your destination.

  5. How often are new map updates or map products released?
    Updated maps are generally available once a year. To be informed when a new map product becomes available for your navigation system, ask your nearest dealer.
    Check for your nearest dealer at (Select country Network).

  6. The map / navigation system that I purchased does not contain a road that I know exists, and I am certain I have the most recent map update available. What can I do?
    Map Reporter is an exclusive, easy way to inform Peugeot’s map supplier HERE Maps, about changes on the roads you drive and the POI’s you are interested in. Millions of people everywhere help keep HERE  maps fresh by this method. With its user-friendly Web interface, you can pinpoint the exact location where a map change may be needed. Simply visit, point, click and report changes.

  7. My navigation system does not always display what I know is the shortest/fastest route?
    We all know shortcuts within our local areas that we use to avoid rush hour traffic or poorly timed traffic lights. Navigation systems calculate routes using the detailed information within the map database and take into account various circumstances including actual distance, average speed, road classification, turn restrictions and more. Your system allows you to set personal preferences such as using motorways, toll roads, and calculating the shortest route. Refer to your owner’s manual for further technical details.

  8. Why can´t I find my destination address?
    There are many different ways to find your location. You can enter an address, find a specific address in the detailed list of Points of Interest (POIs), or select a destination directly on the map. Refer to your owner’s manual for further technical details.

  9. Who are HERE and where can I access more information on them?
    HERE is Peugeot’s digital map provider and is the world leader in premium-quality map data and content. HERE maps drive most of the in-car navigation systems made in worldwide. To find out more, visit the website

  10. Are my card details saved?
    For reasons of security and confidentiality, we do not save your credit card information. We will only ask you to choose your method of payment and, if necessary, give us your bank details, each time you want to buy a product online.
  11. How can I update the personal details I provided at the time of registration?
    All you need to do is log-in to your personal area (login to your account) and click on "Update my personal data". You will then be able to change your address, password or other details.

  12. How could I contact the Customer Service?
      • Brazil: 0800-0957329
      • Argentina: 0800-6660366 / 0800-4444240
      • Colombia: 01-800-518-2793
      • Chile: 800835217
  13. How can I buy a map update?
    To buy a map update, first select your car configuration on the home page, place your order, then check out by entering your personal information. Finally, pay online. You will be guided step-by-step throughout the order and payment process.

  14. How can I pay?
    Payments are made online by credit card: Visa, MasterCard. Cards are debited at the time of order. Prices are in US dollars ($). For payment, an international credit card is ncessary. Taxes are not included.

  15. Is the online payment secure?
    Your safety and security is our priority. This is why we provide highly secure online payment.

  16. Why do I need to give you my email address?
    Your email address will be used to confirm you about online purchasing and the download of map updates.

  17. What is the vehicle identification number (VIN) and where can I find it?
    The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique number that identifies your vehicle: it is allocated at the factory. The VIN will be listed on your vehicle registration documents. It consists of 17 alphanumeric characters starting with 8AD, 8GD, or 936.